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Online Assessment System
Online Assessment System

  What is Online Assessment Software?  

With our Online Assessment Software, schools and colleges can take advantage and clear doubts of students by providing assessments for doing at leisure. This homework task eases pressure on students and makes teaching and learning more enjoyable. Our Simple Online Assessment for Schools is based on OnlineTestPlus, the difference being assessments are marked locally and exams are marked locally and externally. 

The main purpose of our Online Assessment Management Software is to increase learning capabilities and the hidden potentials of students. The principle behind giving an objective and subjective assessment to students is to develop their learning power, writing skills and making them creative by using their imagination power.

Our online assessment allows remote preparation where students can prepare remotely and submit when desired by the institution.

Our web-based and cloud bases Assessment is designed for the national and international level allowing everyone to take full advantage of it. Online Assessment has a full life cycle embedded into it starting from simple question preparation, assigning questions to the assignments, and finally executing it.

Assessments are treated like normal exams where full assignment result analysis is given to the students as well as a guardian for final preparation of the exams. Having agile continuous assessments improves learning skills, we have learned from student improvement skill patterns and adopted them.

Subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and similar science subjects require constant practice. This is similar to the examination system but with much more flexibility.

By practitioner with our assessment software, students can also prepare for their exams and similar unseen problems that might come in their papers.

By doing Multiple Assessments with our Online Assessment at once makes it better for teachers and managers. They learn to manage the schedule properly as well as to handle their tasks smoothly.