Three Steps to Create Online Examination  

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  Create Bespoke Online Examination with our Software  

Online Exam System should be able to create bespoke examination papers online. It should be flexible to allow written essay types as well as objective types of examination. See our Examination Question for creating questions in detail.

Our examination system will help you to create bespoke exams tailored to the precise requirements of your institution, school, or college. Our aim is to make it simple and easy for you to create examinations that can be used to check progress, analyze learning and identify areas for improvement. We have a complex Examination Builder which with the help of Question Bank Software enables schools to write simple questions as well as advanced questions. markings for simple and complex question varies depending on the competence level required by the schools. Single Question Choice, Multiple Question Choice, and Examination Writing choice questions are currently supported. Our OnlineTestPlus is made flexible to support any kind of questions types.

The only place where you can find an online examination that makes it easy to edit and make exams from scratch in a short amount of time is with OnlineTestPlus. We have an online examination that aims to provide you with an easy-to-access, use, and record exam.

  Examination Creation Steps  

  Secure our thorough examination system: Purchase our software through OnlineTestPlus to gain access to the abundance of options, features, and different styles of examination; all of which can be created with ease.

  Create your questions: Whether you want to choose objective or descriptive types of questions, our online examination allows you to do just that.

  Analyze the results: Once you have let your pupils in to finish the exam, you can use it to check the results and gain insight into their progress.

   If you would like to find out more about our OnlineTestPlus and how easy it can be, get in contact with us.