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Writing Examination Software
Writing Examination Software

  Answering in written text during Online Exam and Examination  

  Provides smart facility to conduct subjective type exams and more important conducting non-objective type of subjects such as Mathematics, Economics, and English type have descriptive type exam features. Nowadays with increasing computing power and students’ ever-changing requirement, it is essential to have subjective examination facilities. Where one can test on reading and writing abilities.

  Schools have children from all the medium and all the levels where English speaking and writing is a must for most of the countries. With our Online Examination Software, descriptive writing facilities allow students to take written exams without using pen and paper. Most importantly, all the results are stored in the database electronically. Where a student can realize mistakes and retake their written exam.

     The pupil can conduct descriptive type exams where students can write paragraphs essays and various media by explaining their answer, opposite to Objective type examinations. Some pupils are most comfortable with pictures, we have examination-taking software editor facilities where the editor makes graphical editing easier. Which is one of the strong instruments for students to explain their knowledge using a different approach?

  In the Exam, the examiner can also choose the difficulty level of the question paper easy, medium, or hard meeting the requirement of different types of exams. Difficulty levels are totally configurable and totally depend on institutional requirements.

 While adding the questions in the Exam System examiner can also insert images that are related to the questions that help students to easily understand the depth of questions with question bank software.

  Descriptive exams help to analyze the student’s imagination and enhance their creativity of students.