Affordable Software for Online Examination  

Software for Online Examination 


 As cost plays an important role in adopting any software, we must know which online examination is more economical. If you want to know which online examination is good by cost perspective, you’re in the right place. Here is the list of some comparison which can help you to compare which examination is more cost beneficial. Our affordable online examination software makes a difference. Exam Taking Software enables student to take either subjective or objective exams,

 Our software uses cloud-based technology which is well suited for flexibility and the extensibility. With cloud-based technology, we have the freedom to use any of the cloud-based providers including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or any industry standard cloud-based services. Exam Builder provides full functionality for building simple to complex exams with the aid of Question Bank Software.

 Our Examination Software is divided into two parts, the first part is used by the examination boards and the administrators whereas the second part is used by the students for final conducting examinations. Due to cloud flexibility, we are able to offer services to small schools to large universities where we can conduct tests for over 10000 students simultaneously. We have services which span across India, Australia, USA and UK where examinations can be conducted. Examination board can fully leverage from web-based comprehensive technology.

  Importance for Exam Board  

 Online Exam Software helps education establishments and exam boards along with local internal exam to take full benefit from our comprehensive examination. One can register in a number of ways to our system. We have full blown manual registration facilities where all the students in the faculty can register to the school or any the faculties. 

 The registration process is also automated with an excel template. We have provided a standard template to the administrator who can populate as per their registration and bulk load number of students without a manual interception. This is the most effective bulk registration. We have a number of open interfaces which allows students to be registered successfully for the educational purpose as well as taking examinations. 

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