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 Online Test Software has built-in administrative software to promote students from 5th to 6th class or to archive students similarly removing or suspending students is part of the overall system. A similar type of facilities exists for departments where candidates can be suspended or removed from the overall system. 

Please, note students and candidates are archived to retain historical data and to provide any references if required for employment or educational needs. All the archived data can be made available to Head Masters, Executives or senior personnel. 

Our Test does not impose on how many tests students are allowed to take at any time and similarly how many test questions per subject. Our Question Bank Software is cloud-based with no restrictions for questions. It works in conjunction with the online test maker

 Adaptable Question

The second part of the test is the test itself which is the heart or the future of the students. Online Test management Software has comprehensively designed MCQ Software and Online Test Builder which helps to generate live test electronics papers or make use of old electronics legacy questions. Our software supports three types of questions Subjective, Objective and written types of test. It is a new innovation where all the answers are stored electronically and presented to the examiner whether its national board test or the local test for manual marking. When the question is created guidelines for the individual examiner is provided to maintain the same standard through the countries. Again, since the entire software is online this can be possible to achieve internationally. 

Online Test Maker has a number of question editors. The simplest editor is the Single Choice Question editor which only allows one possible answer. Here we have made it interesting by allowing different mark per answer to check or inspect to see how much in-depth knowledge is there. This helps to sort out top-ranking students, similarly, the software can also publish average students’ grade. Most Grammar School and Public-School benefit from it. Consequently, for competency level and to filter out further where student normally apply guessing pattern here negative marks helps the institute to find out where students have no knowledge over the subjects. Both of the options have advantages and disadvantages, it is left the school to make a judgement and use it as it fits with their requirement. 

Test System Complexity

Online Test System can handle complexity with Single Choice Question Software, Multiple Choice Question Software adds multiple complexities where a student can select more than one right question. Here also adaptive marking is allowed including negative marking. Since Multiple Type Question is more complicated and easier to make mistake, we have added an overall right answer flag with complementary negate flag as well. 

Our Test allows adaptive marking and it is left to the education centres how they wish to design their electronic test papers and how they want to designate marks associated with it. Our software is intuitive and guides examiners, question writers and test writers to select the right type of question and the right type of marking scheme. We have suggested that schools should design methodically and take due care in building electronic test papers. 

Test can also use past historical test papers for the mock test software and also for the final official test  preparations. Our software allows bulk past questions loading

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