Higher education Online exams  

School Exam Hierarchy

 Online Exam Software is designed for schools, colleges, universities as well as companies, banks, and industries. Our software is designed and know for educational organizations and companies internally. For an educational organization, our software divided into class sessions, class, and class sections allows tree-type hierarchical structures. Students of any age and any level of schooling can be set depending on the primary school, secondary school, or high school. Our Online Exam System caters to public schools, private schools, Government runs schools or Grammar schools. There is no configuration requires for the type of schools except there is a distinction between educational institutes and companies.

 Education Exam Hierarchy 

For schools, the class session is the highest-level setting from 7th till 13th standard covering 16+ or higher 18+ examinations. Every class session is further divided into the classes i.e. 7th Class, 8th Class, 9th Class, 10th Class, 11th Class, 12th Class, or 13th Class depending on the primary school, secondary school, or the high schools or covering all the standards for the schools. Once the class level is in place then it’s further divided into a number of class-section accordingly. Please, note this is just a hypothetical setup and there is no restriction on how school supplies or applies to a different organization. It all depends on school capacity and school requirement; our Exam Software is there to guide management to run their organizations successfully. Our Exam Builder is capable of handling exams for various classes.

 Student Exams Online 

  Online Exam for Students is used for companies where they divide into a number of departments and every department is allocated staff or candidates for entrance or bank or any other examinations. Our software is totally flexible and left to the individual companies how they configure and run the software. Our exam system in terms of the number of candidates or number of students works seamlessly with the help of unlimited cloud resources. In some specialized cases, we can apply a private cloud for individual institutes. Our system is designed to function at local, national, and international levels.