How to create an Online Exam And Online Test  

All the exam tool features explained

  Create Online Exam and Online Test for Schools  

  The software market is growing day by day and the need for education software is increasing such that most online test software companies are developing different types of educational software, our exam software for schools has done due diligence research for our modern concept to help students to take online exams. In the education industry Exam Software is in demand for making examinations reliable and efficient.

   Our OnlineTestPlus for schools takes lead in managing such things, most of its key features will let you ahead of your competitor and will help you to grow your business. 

   How to Create Online Exam and Online Test

 Custom Exam: you can create many types of custom tests and question banks that can be administered to any number of people.

 Create Active Sessions for the different subject exam at the same time:

 Admin can create and submit different subjects’ exams at the same time to save valuable time.

 Schedule your exams: Our Exam Software has an exam notifier that enables the institute or school to schedule an exam so that students can their exam details (date, timing, duration).

 Instantaneous results: Students can get an instant result after submitting the exam and the admin can see all student results. Online Test Plus provided a facility to download the exam result in PDF format.

 Create a different level of question: In our exam software, an admin has the full authority to take control of the level of questions in an exam. It could be hard, medium, and easy.

  Question security: The unique feature available in our exam software is that only faculty have the permission to update any question, marks of the student until and unless it shouldn’t be used. Student personnel detail couldn’t be seen to another student for security concerns, the student can able to see only their information rest all the authority is an administrator or in the faculty’s hand.

  Our Exam System has so many features to full fill your requirement for further information about us.

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