How Online Examination Works?  

How Examination System Works
How Examination System Works

  Examination Requirement for Education  

  As results day passes us by for another year for both A-Levels and GCSEs, there will be pressure on your class and establishment to ensure that these results are positive and you’re doing your utmost to make improvements. At Online Test Plus we want to help to give you the chance to make sure your whole class is performing and progressing in line with your targets with our online examination system.

  To raise the confidence and comfortable nature of your pupils, it’s important you test them regularly. You can do that with our software which will help you to create mock exams and analyze the results. Our online examination system allows you to do this with ease and will allow you to customize every element of the test you create.

  How does our examination system work?

  The simple and easy-to-use interface of our online exam system at OnlineTestPlus will provide you with the platform to make a bespoke mock examination software for your students. Whether you work in a university, school, or college you can benefit from this simple and customizable exam software.

  All you need to do to begin is to write your questions, submit the answers and there you have it, a fully functioning online examination that can be used to record, update or analyze the results of your pupils.

  Our Online Examination is designed with an examination board to sit exams at an international level and national level. Cloud-based technology can be deployed for any number of students. Universities, High schools, Colleges, Primary schools, and Secondary Schools can use the system. Designed and built for large-scale integration.

  To find out more about the potential of our  Online Test Plus, get in contact with us.