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  Online Examination Software is one of many software for conducting exams and tests in a digital way. Online Examination was designed and developed by Business Integration Software Ltd (UK).  With the advancing modernization in the examination system, there was a need for a stable, secure, and universal software product that could be used for conducting exams in an advanced format. Keeping this vision in mind and having meetings with many tycoons of the educational industry, the team BIS made a blueprint of this plan after much critical analysis and shaped OnlineTestPlus, the panacea for any type of Software.

  The multi-in-one Examination Software has covered all the required aspects which were missing in many Online Examination. Let us have a look over how our OnlineTestPlus is different and the best examination solution and how it fulfills the needs of conducting exams by a school, institute, or a university. We have a specialized Exam Builder for building simple and complex exams for the board.

   Security:- The most important requirement for conducting any examination is security. Our Student Exam Software is highly secure with encryption and decryption data at each and every point and many other high-security codes to protect your data.

  Speed:- Our exam is backed with cloud services and runs at high speed without any hiccups.

  Organized Structure:-  The program has a hierarchical structure using which the data of student is saved in an organized manner and student can be allocated a program, class and a section which helps in adding a student to test, in which the whole section can be allocated test in just a single click.

  Flexibility in conducting exam:- Institute can fix the date and time for the test and the test will only be visible at that time and this time can also be updated in case the exam is postponed

  Switching to a new tab:- Strict rules don’t let the student switch windows and if a student tries to switch to a new tab then a warning comes to come back to screen or the test is auto-submitted.

  Marking:- Automated marking for objective questions either positive or negative and increased flexibility by providing manual marking for descriptive questions with our question bank software.

  Time-Bound:- Exams are time-bound and an exam is available to the students at the stated time and gets auto-submitted at the end time which even helps in conducting the exam at a mass level, worldwide.

Question Bank Software for persisting all exam questions whether they are Multiple Choice Question Software or Single Choice Question Software.

  Results:- The result report is automatically prepared by the system with the visual presentation of marking and with the detailed bifurcation of marks achieved in different sections.

  This is the brief of features of student  Exam Software, it covers many other features too that make it easy to use and perfect solution for any institute, school, or university for conducting their exams online.