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  Online Test Software  

  Online Test Software provides comprehensive tests for Schools, Colleges and Universities, Institutes, Companies, and education establishments. Best Exam Software for managing tests and exams. Examination Software, Examination System, and Exam System can be used for assessments, quizzes, tests, and examinations. 

Online Test Maker to create mock exams, mocks tests, and mock examinations.

Students can practice tests before the final examination. Exam Creation Software allows creating simple and complex exams as per academic requirements. Exam Management monitors and schedules exams. Online Exam Creation facilitates dynamically create exams from the Question Bank System. Online Exam System provides all the Examination System capabilities. Test-Maker Software enables education establishments to create a board exam and tests for students with a multitude of subject topics and categories.  Assessment Software provides schools, colleges, and education centers to prepare for school homework and training before taking final exams.

 Online Test System questions are divided into Category, Sub-Category, and Topic allowing faculty to build practice questions w for Procter or mock tests. Online Test Software builds unique tests for students for Exam Preparation with Examination Management System and schedules the tests for all the students and monitors the progress.  Online Test Software allows students to conduct tests anywhere with our latest cloud-based technology which supports seamlessly. The examination timetable is very powerful allowing tests, exams, examinations, assessments, or quizzes to be taken online with ease Exam Management System provides full scheduling of exams for local as well as official exams.

  Online Examination Software used by the examination board around the world to set at the national level and at the international level.

 Online Test Software allows students to do exam practice and prepare for final entrance. Our exam test software provides a full examination timetable.

 Students preparing for the Computer-Based Test Management System Series can make the best of our Online Exam Software to ensure that training meets their requirements. Online Exam Conducting Software makes full use of an in-built exam builder. Our Test Management Software and Assessment Management Software function hand in hand. Assessment is for a long duration like school homework and tests are for local examination.

 The best examination practices are applied to cloud flexibility today.

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Exam Test Software

  Exam Test Software  

Student Online Exam Software

  Cloud based Exam Software Online  

Cloud based Examination Software

  Cloud-based Examination Software  

Creating Exam Test Software  

 Online Exam Test Software allows any type of questions consisting of Single Choice Questions, Multiple Choice Questions as well as essay writing questions. A set of exam questions can determine the institute and education establishment to predict student final grades. Exam Builder allows to built tests, exams, and examinations. Exam Test Software with advanced editing facilities during tests and exams makes it a vital package for institutes.

 Question Builder Software allows subjective and objective types of tests giving schools full flexibility for any subjects for student’s tests including science and written types of tests.   

Our Exam Test Software complements each other and both make use of the question bank system and other facilities.  

Exam Creation Software allows creating complex exams for students which allow schools to filter academic students.

  How to make create an online test

 Online Test Software provides overall facilities for students to takes exams nationally and internationally whereas Online Examination Software is for faculties heads and examination governing boards for writing examinations at the national level and global level.

 Online Test Software allows students to get engaged in the final exams anywhere in the world with time zone facilities and flexibility built into the system.

 Exam Creator Software allows exams to be created for tests and exams.

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 Examination Software  using Cloud Technology 

 Cloud-based technology allowing any number of students to take advantage of makes it best suitable as an Online Test for students with cloud resilience. Our exam test software allows us to evaluate as many times as required further strengthening and reconciling course knowledge. 

Online Test Software provides a web-based application for taking tests, suitable for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Permitting a number of students to take tests concurrently with no restrictions on the speed and the performance.  

Exam Software for higher education

  Exam Software  

  Exam Software for higher education 

  Exam software is the most important part of education. Every student from a young age onwards starts preparing for exams one way or other. We have taken special care to build exam software that allows schools, colleges, universities, education authorities, and many others to take full advantage of it.

  Our exam software takes education seriously and based on designed it from the first principle of creating questions and see in how many ways questions can be created which will be suited for exam software. Exam Software question builder allows questions to be created either objectively or subjectively or even a combination of both.   

 Multiple-Choice Question Software deals with objectively designed questions whereas exam writing software takes care of descriptively written exams. Exam Builder is designed to be flexible to allow both types of marking manual marking and automatic marking.

  Exam Software manual marking allows faculties to take our subjective marking and consequently objective marking is taken care of by the exam software itself.

  Exam Software is an adaptive cater for different difficulty levels. Every question can be allocated a difficulty level separating novice from proficient students. To make it more competitive exam software allows adaptive negative marking. Online Exam Creator Software takes into account adaptability and flexibility for Grammar or public schools.

  As we all understand that negative marking can be depressing and bring the results down for an institute or establishment. We have a provided configurable negative marking software where you can suppress negative marking or make it adaptive.

  Our exam software online allows positive marks as well as negative marks to clearly distinguished from the best, Exam Builder allows all types of marking. All markings are done automatically and published unless a manual marking clause is selected. Exam Software has complex exam-building logic which allows questions to be injected into the exam from a different part of the book. Online Exam Creation Software allows questions to be selected from any topics and injected into exam question papers.

  A book that is synonymous with Category, Sub-Category, and Topic. A chapter is the same as a Topic in our software. All exams are maintained during a maintenance period allows faculties to refresh questions as desired by the syllabus. Once all exams are built our exam builder allows exams to be scheduled for students. Exam Creator Software allows the building of complex exams for exam software helping to produce a single set of exams for all kinds of students.

 Proctored exam schedule online is possible and results can be obtained at will.

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Exam Software Features

  Online Exam Software  

 Online Exam Software Best for higher education

 Online Exam Software is designed for students to take full advantage of our exam taker facilities and practice tests. There is no limit for exam preparation, students can take exams as many times as desired. Online registration for exams and tests is given and during the exam, the student can postpone and take exams later when fully prepared similar to class assessments.

 Has a simple and user-friendly panel for students with an exam date timetable to see all the scheduled exams. All exams allocated to the student for final exams or practice exams only get triggered at the time of taking exams.  the examination period is restrictive with a definitive window to start and finish exams.

 Online Exam panel is made easier for students to take an exam in either a strict environment or a flexible environment. With a flexible environment, students are allowed to navigate to any questions, there are four possible options are provided to the students.    Manual options are when a student jumps to any particular question, followed by the previous question where a student can navigate to the previous question, similarly the next question allows a student to navigate to the next question. Online Exam Software has an automatic option where time is a limited student is automatically presented with the next question when the answer is submitted. Practice questions make it easier for exam preparations.

  Removes all the exams which are taken by the students. This is quite critical for students who are taking banking exams or entrance exams and time is restricted. Students are only presented with the remaining exams. 

  Online Exam Software marks all the objective exams without any delay and immediately updates the students. Results are published without delay. Students can see all the past exam results in real-time.    All the results can be seen on the desktop or any mobile device in PDF format. Results can also be emailed in PDF format. 

  A grading system is totally configurable allowing faculties to set the achievement level and grade students according to the school, college, university, or institute’s standards. 

  Online Exam allows students to take exams on their iPhone, Android, tablets, or any of the devices, the only restriction is that only single login is allowed and if tried on multiple devices then the session is terminated. 

  Provides mock exams facilities with our Mock Exam Software

  Online Exam has a number of configuration parameters that allow modeling any online exam software as desired by your organization. Exam Creation Software allows exam software to build any level of exams whether at the primary school level or at the university level.

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School Examination Software

  Examination Software  

 Examination Software 

 Our Examination Software with cloud-based examination facilities allows any number of examinations to be taken simultaneously with ease. Provides examination boards across the countries full exams and tests facilities. 

 Examination Software has an auto marking facility for all kinds of question types including subjective type questions. Students can make use of our textual and graphical editor to perform the online subjective examination. A full HTML-type editor is available. 

 Our examination and exam builder allows single entry or multiple entries as a bulk load for examination. A default template provided which enables the board to load any number of questions. 

 An examination can be the normal or complex type where our in-build adaptive question marking allows an examiner to select simple positive type marking or multiple negative type marking. Negative marking can be further divided based on the chosen option.

 Our examination software is capable of national or international standards where examinations can be set in any language giving further flexibility for the institutes. 

 Examination Software operates in two modes one for administrators and the other for students. Both are modes are set by the admin to provide correct privileges. 

 With our Examination Software students has the facility to challenge and rectify examination results. A faculty has a number of tools available to provide full answer scan facilities.  The examination period is configurable depending on a number of questions and complexity.  

Tools are available for the examination board to take advantage of creating complex examinations. 

Proctored examination schedule available online. 

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Examination software for Schools

  Online Examination Software  

Online Examination Software For Prep Schools  

Online Examination Software provides facilities for examination boards, Governing Board, Council Examination, Bank Examination, or Entrance Examination globally. It is a combination of cloud-based and web-based software functioning on desktops as well as any modern device. 

 The examination Process is built with availability and flexibility in mind, allowing any number of students to take the examination concurrently.  Online Examination Software allows taking examinations worldwide in different time zone. Our time zone application schedules and activates examinations depending on the country and the examination place. One of the requirements is that you must complete your examination in the country set avoiding any ambiguities. 

 Online Examination Software totally extensible which means it can be catered from a small institute to a large university. All examinations are well protected with integral question security embedded into the system. 

For final examination supports three types of questions as follows, quiz type single choice questions, multiple selection type questions, or a simple writing examination. Online Examination Software with a new innovation for examination students now can take written examination remotely without being at a school or any examination place. 

With Online Examination Software there is no limit to the number of questions set, It can be any number ranging from 10 to 1000 plus questions. All question processing is taken care of by the Question Bank Database where question data is persisted for future use. Questions have a number of attributes to explore the best opportunity for a student to get maximum possible marks and at the same time provide examination head or examination teachers to see the true potential and adjust complexity to suit their criteria and students. 

Examination Board requires historical information to store the results which are published nationwide and, in some cases, worldwide.  Our published and analyzed results are kept secure and publish and emailed in PDF format to the required personnel. Examination Software Online provides full facilities for examination boards.

 Our Online Examination Software provides Mock Examination facilities using our Mock Examination Software.

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Online Test Software

  How Online Test Software Works?  

 How Online Testing Software Works 

 Our Free Online Test Software is offered free for government organizations and institutions who want to use the software and get familiar with it. 

The student’s registration process is plain and simple, there are two modes of registration manually and through bulk students’ loader. 

Online Test Software has designed a simple template to load students automatically using our excel template.  If some of the student registration data is not captured or missing then the administrator or assigned personnel can edit it. Students are allowed to adjust their profiles and keep secure information intact. 

 Online Test Software gives full provision to the security is given and only one test per student is allowed anytime hence the same student cannot appear at the test anywhere else in the world. 

A full mobile-friendly student interface is designed from the first principle to make it simple and intuitive. All the tests can be taken on any browser-based technology or on mobile devices. 

Tests time is critical to the student hence time clock is present which ticks on a second by second basis giving students time alerts all the time. 

Online Test Software browsers are locked or limited to navigational responsibility. If a student diverges from a test then a severe error will be given and termination clock down will be triggered. If a student has taken more than the configuration expiration time then the test will be prematurely submitted to the system ready for marking. 

 Faculties have the choice to either dismiss the test in its entirety or allow the student to resubmit it. Our Online Test Software is made flexible to allow students to appear for a test number of times giving them enough opportunity to succeed. 

There is no limitation to any number of questions in the database or any number of tests in the database. We have designed the software with full flexibility and availability.  Aptitude test is simplified with test software online.

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School Management Software for Tests and Examinations.

  Online Test Software and Exam Software  

Online Test Software for Students

  Software for Online Exam  

 Combined Online Testing Software and Exam Software

Online Exam Software is exclusively designed for Administrators, Managers, Department Heads, Head Teachers, Head Masters, and the person in authority or just for students. Admin and Students have their own configured panel. Which can be customized for individual education centers.

Online Exam Software every panel can be configured according to the need. For instance, the level of the teachers’ panel can be simpler than the head of the department panel.  The student panel also divides permission and facilities. If a teacher is not allowed to mark certain exams from a different category then it will be hidden from the panel and not allowing to be used by the teacher. Total integrity is maintained by a secure and safe module. 

  Online Exam Software students panel allows setting how school or organization is configured and sets classes for schools and departments for the organization. Students are allocated into classes and candidates are allocated to the departments clearly segregating and dividing classes and departments. Software for conducting online tests provides full test, exam, and examination facilities.

Online Exam Software international students can take advantage of the time zone, allows the test to take place anywhere in the world with our time zone calculator. Students test enables a few minutes prior to start time to safeguard the security and maintain integrity with other students. 

Free Online Assessment Software for trial today.

  Software for Online Exam  

 Allows students to take exams locally or remotely at any time of the day, make it suitable for senior students to take advantage of it.

 Software for Online Exam can be set by school teachers, faculties, and headmasters allowing full freedom to set up exams as desired. 

It can be set from a number of subjects and further enriched by allowing questions from anywhere in the system. 

 Software for Online Exam has a complex question builder with Category as a subject or Sub-Category as a subject or at the lowest level topic as a subject can be used to select questions for exams. 

 Exams are constructed using our Exam Builder, allowing them to attach questions to the exams. There are many attributes associated with the exams like time period, the expiry date of the exams, total marks, expected marks, and many more features. 

 Software for Online Exam is conducted and taken with the same discipline as doing under strictly examination center. 

   Software for Online Exam is taken under browser supervision with superior security controls to block students from jumping over navigation tabs and going in and out from the browser. 

 Finally, the Software for Online Exam results analysis panel delivers a full breakdown of the obtained marks and against required target marks with full analysis as list view and graphical representation. Software for Online Exam provides all the cloud-based capabilities to conduct or take exams as student desires. 

 Students need to have secure internet access along with the latest browser, tablet, or devices like iPhones or Androids. 

it is made mobile friendly allowing students to take exams almost anywhere anytime.   Exam prep for a student is critical and software allows students to take multiple exams with a different difficulty level.

  Free Exam Software available for 30 days.

How Examination Writing Software Works

  How Online Exam Software works?  

 How exam-taking Software works

Exam Taking Software requires a great deal of mobility and speed and designed for speed and mobility and allowing to be used on mobile devices.

Our exam-taking software can be treated like assessments where students can prepare for the exam at school or remotely and when required can practice remotely or at school. This enables school, college, and university to take homework into a new era and all offline homework can be done on the system and submitted automatically saving lots of time and effort by the teachers and examiners. 

Exam Taking Software for Students is web-based allowing them to take exams remotely. Full security access along with all the facilities is provided. It makes it easier and accessible for students.

Exam-taking Software for students needs announcements regarding exam timetables.

A purpose-built exam-taking software announcement is built within the system to update students.

  Exam Taking Software is one of the crucial parts for students to enhance their knowledge and confidence and techniques and become proficient in taking exams with no pressure imposed on it. 

  As a student becomes more familiar with the exams pressure diminishes and productivity increases. Which enables students to show their full potential. 

  Our Exam Taking Software encourages students to take exams as many times as desired to have better success.  Software for student examination online supports full online editing for students. 

It is critical and paramount important how we deliver exams and how easy a student can take an exam. We have taken versatility and feasibility into account to see how simple and straight forward for students to take exams. Test-Maker Software allows constructing local tests as well as official exam papers.

Exams are a vital part of anyone’s career and time is critical. It is best to avoid any complexity and make taking the exam simpler.

Our Online Exam System for schools and boards uses exam-taking facilities for students and candidates. 

Software for conducting Online Tests gives full flexibility to institutions for monitoring and providing online help. 

Please see Exam System for further details and apply for Free Online Test Software.

Examination Software made simple for students

  Online Examination Software Made Simple  

Online Examination Solution

 Examination Software is simplified with a user-friendly interface, this panel is dedicated to entering and retrieving the details of each and every student registered in the organization. It simplifies the filtering process for schools, colleges, universities, training Institutes allowing faculties, teachers, examiners to create examinations and deliver them to the students. Our Online Examination Software improves the quality, reliability, and environment free with a high level of adaptability. Focuses on students’ abilities, knowledge, and performance for the betterment of the student’s career.
 The examination Software registration process is very simple and easy to use. Students can be registered in the appropriate classes. Examination processing allows students to be promoted to the next class.  

  Students are archived for future reference. Allows students to have a break or leave the system entirely. companies, candidates can now be part of individual departmental Examinations.  Student Examination Software Online enables full control of schools and companies for online examinations.

  Examination Software categorizing the questions of any topic according to their difficulty level can be complicated, Question detailed panel, which is dedicated to category questions according to their difficulty levels. We can store and persists the number of examinations. Each examination consists of an unlimited number of questions, each question can have a number of different answers with a difficulty level. Our Online Examination Software provides a unique selection of questions with random options. Where each and every examination is unique for a student eliminating any security pitfalls.
  Examination Software Question Creator Software provides a combination of single, multiple, or subjective questions. Exam Builder, where each question can have a number of question and answer images.  Question  Builder allows questions and answers to be written in English or the language of their choice. A What You See Is What You Get editor is built into the student examination editor.  
  Online Examination Software allows any number of students and further helped by having cloud resiliency and 24 x 7 availability. The number of students can take examinations concurrently in different locations around the world. There is no limitation on the number of examinations.   

  Free Examination Software today.

Online Test Software made simple for students

  Building Online Test Software 

 Online Exam Solution using Online Testing Software 

 Test Software for Students is a safe and secure facility for an organization. It uses a complex algorithm to ensure the identity of the candidate and only single login is allowed from anywhere in the world. Once a student is logged in if the same attempt is made from anywhere else then the system automatically logs the user and deactivates the session. 

Test Software for Students ensures that no one can cheat the system by using the false or stolen credential and take the exam. Now a day’s internet allows freedom to take exams remotely but also increases the risk of misuse, hence our Test Software for Students has taken important steps to deactivate the session and terminate the exam immediately. Faculties and Institutions have permission and rights to delete and cancel the exam and preventing false exam results. 
Test Software for Students continuously monitors connection and has a fixed timeout period as additional security. If a student diverges from the exam and tries to overpower the system, it simply times out and terminates the exam immediately. 

Online Test Software requires a great deal of security and surety where candidates should not be able to log in from unidentified locations.

  For student login facility is enhanced to ensure a single login from all over the world.

  Online manages expectations for private schools and public schools where students and teachers can enjoy the full benefit of taking a test online and marking a test online with our test.

  It has a built-in module called Test Writing Software which allows History, Geography Mathematics, English, and other descriptive type exams.

  Writing tools during a test in any language makes student easier to express their true writing skills. Which is a very important feature for Online Test Software for Students where faculties are advocating English, Mathematics, and Science as compulsory subjects? Test Creator Software allows you to create varieties of tests. Our Test Creation Software provides advanced facilities for online test question software. 

  Online Test Software is language-independent using internally UTF-8, Unicode which allows using any universal language available on the device.

 Online Test Software for Students not only permits you to conduct objective type tests but also allows you to conduct descriptive type tests in which students can write detailed answers to questions asked. 

 Online Test Software for Students makes Economics and English tests simple with descriptive-type questions and free format text for answers. 

 Subjective questions and answers allow calculative as wells as numeric tests for students. 

 With subjective test facilities, students are able to use this for test writing and prepare for an English writing test or any topic which is subjectively based. 

 Makes test writing simply with subjective marking enables teachers and headmasters to mark tests remotely at home. Software for Online Test achieves the same goal as exam and examination software. 

Please see Test Maker Software for further details.


Assessment Software for Schools

  Examination Software designed for Schools  

Assessment System for School

  Exam Software designed for Schools  

 Examination Software for Schools 

 Examination Software for Students is best suited for our adaptive examinations.  Lets them use board exam papers. Allows historical exam papers as well. 

  Examination boards across the world can easily adapt our Examination Taking Software. 

Examination Software for Students helps the student to take examinations remotely. Students benefit from taking remote exams with exam-taking software online giving full access to all the features and functionality of exams. 

  Examination Software for Students has multiple modes of announcing and producing results for schools, Guardian and Students.

  Can send and display reports in PDF format along with various chart display facilities to give a visual display.   

 Exam Software for Schools  

What is critical for students is the exam results. Exam Software for Students has made this simple and offers a dedicated result analysis panel in which detailed results of each and every student is viewed. 
  Exam Software for Students provides a global student view for results and a Class section-wise view. 
  Exam Software for Students displays candidates obtained percentage marks along with any grading with the results. 
Selecting questions has a book-type structure which can be assumed as book name, book chapters, and book section. It displays book name as Category and also displays book chapter as Sub-Category and finally book sections as Topics. Online Exam Creation Software is part of the categorization to distinguish science tests from art tests.

 Exam Software for Students provides a screen view or PDF view. PDF view gives comprehensive information with the embedded pictorial view. Provides all the results can be emailed to students/candidates or any associates. 

 Exam Software for Students has advanced result analysis facilities suited for exam boards across the world.  The aid of online exam creation makes it best for creating questions, tests, and exams. 


  Building Exams and Examination with Online Test Plus

 Build an Exam with our Software

Exams are the most important part of education. Every student from a young age onwards starts preparing for exams one way or other. We have taken special care to build a tool, which allows schools, colleges, universities, education authorities, and many others to take full advantage of it.

Exam Software questions are designed from the first principle of creating questions and see in how many ways questions can be created which will be suited for the exam, test, and examination.

Exam Software allows questions to be created either objectively or subjectively or even a combination of both.  Multiple-Choice Question deals with the objectively designed questions whereas Exam Writing Software for schools takes care of descriptively written exams. Online Exam Creator Software has a number of functional attributes for any style of markings. An advanced user can make an exam as flexible as required.

Exam Software marking is designed to be flexible to allow both types of marking manual marking and automatic marking. Manual marking allows faculties to take our subjective marking and consequently objective marking is taken care of by itself.

Exam Software is adaptive caters to different difficulty levels. Every question can be allocated a difficulty level separating novice from proficient students. To make it more competitive online exam software allows adaptive negative marking. As we all understand that negative marking can be depressing and bring the results down for an institute or establishment. We have a provided configurable negative marking software where you can suppress negative marking or make it adaptive.

Our exam software allows positive marks as well as negative marks to clearly distinguished from the best.

All markings are done automatically and published unless a manual marking clause is selected.

The exam software has complex test-building logic which allows questions to be injected into the exam from a different part of the book. A book that is synonymous with Category, Sub-Category, and Topic. A chapter is the same as a Topic in our software.

All exams are maintained during a maintenance period allows faculties to refresh questions as desired by the syllabus. Once all exams are built our exam builder allows exams to be scheduled for students.

Please feel free to contact us for Free Online Exam Software.

Free Online Examination System

  Software for Online Examination  

Exam Test Software

  Schools Exam Test Software  

 Software for Online Examination Made Simple  

 Our Software for Online Examination is user-friendly and easy to use. All navigational facilities for modern examination are built within the software. For any examination system, we need to register an organization and then register students within the organization. 

  Software for Online Examination Software is divided into two parts, the first part divided into class and section for a particular establishment.     Students are registered into a class section. Once the student is allocated a class section then all the processes will be dealt with in the class section by class section basis. 

 With Examination Builder faculties will first construct exams for every class and assign them to it. Next would be a multiple-choice question software allowing it to build a number of questions for exams. Questions are allocated within an examination. 

  Software for Online Examination, Once an examination is set for the class, the exam builder will schedule an examination orchestrated by our Online Examination System

  Software for Online Examination Software at this point will be ready for students to take exams. At an appropriate time or place, the student will take the examination online. After completion, it will be assigned to marking software, which will subsequently mask and publish results accordingly.  

 Schools Exam Test Software for Colleges 

  Our Exam Test Software fits three purposes Tests, Exams, and Assessments. 

  It can be interchanged and all the functionality is common. 

  Exam Test Software with built-in Test Builder and Exam Builder makes testing simple for students and helps teachers to set it. 

  Exam Test Software, with Question Builder Software and Exam Builder, makes the construction of exams for testing simple. 

  Exam Test Software encourages institutes to prepare for exam tests as many times as possible hence our exam test software has allowed a number of entries for students to take and retake. 

  Exam Test Software is the simplest tool and student helper to get well settle for the final exam. 

 The main benefit that it allows tests as well as exams to be taken with the same piece of software.

  Please contact us for Free Exam Test Software.  

Online Test Software Exam Builder

  Simple steps to build Test with Online Test Software

  Simple steps to build a Test Online Software 

Online Test Software allows students to take online tests at all levels ranging from primary school, secondary school, and high school. Total flexibility is given to change classes and promote students from the current class to the next level class. All students’ tests are mock tests and only available for parents, faculty itself, and for university references. 

  The Online Test Software designed for local tests. This allows students to take part in the tests anywhere in the world further enhancing could capability. For international schools’ the multi-lingual part is an integral part, where students can answer a question or take tests in their native language. It makes our software truly for all the international schools around the world.
Even local tests handle all types of tests. The same tests and concepts are available for colleges and universities.   Local tests have been designed with a number of templates to allow question insertion for the test or student’s registration making bulk insertion possible. A standard excel template is used for bulk question creations.
Local tests allowed to be practiced remotely and appear as final tests to build confidence and proficiency in the subject matter.
Provides all the functionality which one would expect in real tests. Test-Maker Software makes it simpler for building local tests for primary and secondary schools.

 Free to contact us for Free Online Test Software.


Students Online Examination Software

  Exam Software Online  

Online Exam Software Important Features

  Examination Software Online  

   Exam Software Online 

 Exam Software allows students to take exams locally or remotely at any time of the day, make it suitable for senior students to take advantage of it.

 Exam Software allows exams to be set by school teachers, faculties, and headmasters to allow full freedom of our exam setup.  Exam Software allows exams to be set from a number of subjects and further enriched by allowing questions at the topic level.

 Exam Software is conducted and taken with the same discipline as doing under a strict examination place.

 Our Exam software for students is taken under browser supervision with superior security controls to block students from jumping over navigation tabs.

 Exam finally, the results analysis panel delivers a full breakdown of the obtained marks and against required target marks with full analysis as list view and graphical representation.

 The Exam Software provides all the cloud-based capabilities to conduct or take exams as student desires.

 Students need to have secure internet access along with the latest browser, tablet, or devices like iPhones or Androids.

 The exam software is made mobile-friendly allowing students to take online exams, tests, and examinations almost anywhere anytime.

 Please feel free to contact us for Best Exam Software. 

  Examination Software Online   

The electronic Examination paper is best suited for educational institutes around the world. It allows them to practice and get perfect in all their specialization field.

  The examination software has all the features requires for the examination board including student registration, setting questions, setting exams, enabling the student to execute exams, process results, and finally publish results nationwide or worldwide.

 Examination Software, allows the examining board to set an examination for the international level allowing worldwide students to appear in global examinations.

 Examination Software, one of the best features is that our School Examination tool is cloud-based and totally extensible allowing any number of students to take exams worldwide without any network delay or restrictions.

 The examination software provides boards and educational institutes a tool to examine the whole nation.
The school Examination board selects a number of teachers or faculties to prepare examinations for the entire nation.  Examination, one can check levels at the national level for all the schools.

 Please feel free to contact us for Free Examination Software and Best Examination Software.

Test Taking Software

  Test Taking Software  

How Mock Examination Software Works

  How Examination Software Works?  

 Test Taking Software for Schools

  Test Taking Software has very rich functionality allowing Test Board, Test Centers, Local Council to set the standard and set the level for a country for students of all ages. Which allows students to use it remotely. 

  Test Taking Software has full internet browser security and restricts students from browsing during a test. 
Test Taking Software allows students to hover over tests and select required action otherwise totally disabled from any other non-related functionality. 

 Full conventional test techniques. 
 Our Online Test-Taking Software enables us to take tests at all levels whether visiting the test center, schools or taking it remotely. 

Makes it easier for students to take a quiz, single choice test, multiple-choice test, or a written test. 

 Online Test Software works in conjunction with test-taking software and mock test software assisting each other in delivering the tests successfully to the students. 

 Apply for Free Online Test Software today.

  How online examination solution works    

 Examination taking Software for students is designed for examination boards and institutes or organizations which provide students with the examination practice papers and material to support their forthcoming examination. 

Examination-taking software is one of the modules dedicated to the students or candidates taking the examination in vigilant condition. Since our Online Examination Software is available 24 x 7 hours, it is not possible to monitor it all the time, hence extended security is built within it. 

It is secure and protects against malware and stops or blocks most of the controls during an examination for unnecessary intervention. 

It is well suited for descriptive types of examination where written examination can take place with an HTML editor. Our HTML editor allows taking web-based examinations where all the data is encoded into HTML before delivering it to the marking software. 

It takes care of HTML tags and covers ISO-compatible text. It also allows multi-lingual editing facilities allowing foreign language examinations. 

Designed for examination boards and institutes or organizations which provide students with the examination practice papers.  

With historical and adaptive question database makes its students prepare in advance. 

exam examination online

  Online Exam Examination and Test Software

Cloud based Exam, Examination, and Test Software  

Available for all the educational establishments. Built-in Online exam school hierarchy. 

 Student Test Software is a simple Intuitive user interface for novice users. 

 Functions on all mobile devices including tablets and desktops. 

 Able to handle a number of students seamlessly with cloud technology. 

 Online Exam Software provides full system capabilities. 

 A perfect candidate for mock tests. 

 Allows Test Writing Software easier with the built-in multi-lingual editor. 

 Multiple Choice Question Software – with all the possible permutations to support any test establishments or Test Boards. 

 Able to publish test results locally and Globally. 

 Online Test Exam Software provides advance announcement facilities for students to keep them up to date. 

 Online Exam Test Software provides Mock facilities with our Mock Test Software. 

 Check out similar to how our Assessment System works. 

 Free Online Exam Software 


&nbsp Online Examination Importance  

Importance of Cloud-based Examination Software  

  Transparency is important and our exam software result analysis is transparent. All  reports, announcement, Results, and Analysis are transparent 

 Test and Exam documentation processing made easy with the blob question storage where written tests are written electronically.  All the documents in one place on the cloud secure and safe. 

  Question Bank made easier with the varieties of questions on a different topic and different subjects are available on the cloud. The advance facility is incorporated to allow dynamic question insertion.
  Marking, auto marking done by the system, where the manual interception is required, teachers or examiner can mark the papers and exam manually as well

  Some examples of how it helps administrators, faculties, and guardians with our Online Examination Software are Simple to Use, intuitive interface,   Designed with schools in mind.

 In nutshell, Online Examination Software incorporates all the features which in today’s age desired and magic for everyone.

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  School exam and Examination Software  

School Examination Software 

     School Examination Software supports multiple languages, so if you are an organization having students that belong to different cast and creed and understand different languages then our exam soft can work as a panacea for your organization as it has an option of preparing tests and writing answers in different languages. Test Management System allows schools to prepare for mock tests and mock exams.

  School Examination Software built with the multi-lingual editor, which allows European and Asian languages. 

  Examination Software is language-friendly. Any language plugin can be installed automatically. 

  European Languages and others are easy to install can be done prior to exams.

  Online Test Software Benefits  

 Online Testing Software Benefits 

 Our Online Test Software is modern cloud-based technology, providing access to thousands of students concurrently taking the examination is one of the best test software available today. There is no limit to the number of students taking exams. It is facilitated with the extensible cloud-based system to enable as many students and as many tests as desired by the institute. We have made it more accessible by allowing tests to be used on mobile-based technology whether it’s iPhone or an Android device. 

 Many examinations and test boards now can take full advantage of the cloud to persist and have accessibility to millions of test papers set around the world. Online Test Software has now further enhanced the functionality by breaking test papers into a number of questions. Even to provide simplicity and usages with every question is divided into Book, Subject, and a chapter, which means you can question by adding from any topics. The advance, question bank facility which is derived from our well-known Question Bank Software database allows millions of questions to be persisted and use for current and future tests. 

 Online Test Software has a number of templates for questions which are in excel template format which permits electronically to load any number of past questions. Which allows students to prepare for Mock Test Software first and then ultimately final test. All these functionalities make it suitable for all the high schools around the world. Multi-lingual capability built as an integral part of the which helps test papers makes this as one of Best Online Test Management System available today.  Please request our Free Online Test Software today.    

Assessment Software for Schools

  Online Examination Software for Schools  

 Online Examination Software for Students 

 Online Examination Software for Students provides the capability to draw graphs and images for visual kinds of tests and examinations.

 School Online Examination Software for Students graphical editing live facilities allows the use of Descriptive Examination where graphical symbols or art-type drawing pens can be used for producing descriptive answers.

 Allows teachers to mark papers on the internet.  

 Exam Grading and Assessment System for Students provides automatic grading of all objective question-type exams. Question Maker Software is nicely suited for subjective and objective exams for students.

 Online Exam for Students descriptive answers are used to check the student’s imagination and understanding of something and a machine should not be allowed to judge these things so our developers have given these rights to the concerned faculties to check the descriptive answers of the students.

  We have purposefully built easier-to-use software for students who can complete their exams at ease. Attention is paid to performance and bandwidth for a student taking the exam. Student exam software is kept on a different platform. All student exam facilities are automatic and do not require any human interaction. Online Exam for students is self-managed and seamless. We are providing free exam software for all the schools around the world, please check out our best exam software for your use.

 Online Graphic and Free Format editor makes it more visual for tests and exams with the Test Management System.

Test Writing Software

 Exam Assessment Software for Schools 

 All the exams and assessments are given the same precedence and importance.  Assessment Software allows students to take assessments as well as prepare for final exams. Which allows students to be prepared for the final ultimatum examination.

 Exam Assessment Software, Question persistence uses exam builder and online assessment builder software to prepare exams and assessments.

  Exam Assessment Software results from the analysis, and assessment result analysis gives full inspection capabilities. 

Exam Assessment results are published in the same way as done by the examination board. 

 Assessment System provides comprehensive processing and control over assessments.

Online Test Creation Software

  Test Creation Software  

Test Creation System for Schools & colleges  

Test Creation Software provides language-friendly test descriptions for students/candidates, management can write test instructions and students/candidates can read test instructions before starting the test. 

 Test Creation Software plays a major role in creating different types of questions. Currently, Single choice question software, multiple-choice question Software, and written type questions are supported. 

 Test-Maker Software used for depositing all the test questions whether it’s from past tests or currently generated for the new syllabus. All the questions from the question banks are injected using Online Test Creation Software. 

 There are a number of test management system attributes which allows different competency and difficulty level making it more challenging for institutions and advanced students. Marking is very sophisticated which allows positive and negative marks adaptively. 

 Negative markings for the test are very critical for Grammar schools where they want to check for the accuracy of the answer and penalized if guessed randomly or trying to bluff the subject knowledge. 

  Sometimes same test creation is used for Subject Matter Experts Knowledge. Our System is catered for future development in mind and supports all kinds of tests. 
 Online Creation Software is a cloud-based software that further enhances availability and allows multiple tests in any language to be created. 

  Our test creational software takes advantage of a multi-language editor allowing not only language tests but allows questions and answers to be in different languages see Test Writing Software. 

  Our software is totally open and flexible allows various degrees of configuration to enable perfect test creation for any school, college, university, or education department. This makes our online test creation software unique in the world today.  

Online Test Creator Software

  Test Creator Software  

Test Creator Software work in conjunction with Online Test Builder Software to give added advantages for Mock tests for schools and Colleges.

 It allows creating tests in multiple languages which allows international students to take advantage of multi-lingual facilities.

 Test Creator with multi-lingual capabilities allows creating tests in French, English, German, or any other languages.

 It is truly easy to write and create single-choice and multiple-choice questions in any international language.

 With the random question facility, faculty and institutes can set tests with the random question.

 When this option is selected, the same questions of all students will appear in a random way.

 Test Management System provides the descriptive type answer and also can add an image in the answer and also can use paint for graphics.

 Test Creator is multi-lingual which means pages can be created for tests in different languages.  Our software will pick up automatically but you may need to install the required plugin for odd languages.

   We can make a test as an attended test negative mark apply when this option is enabled, negative marks are allotted only when the student selects the wrong option of the question.

Eleven Plus Online Test Software  

How to test software helps eleven plus examinations for primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom.

Most of the comprehensive and Grammar schools requires 11+ assessment for students before providing entry into their schools.

There are four main exams for eleven plus Mathematics, Science and English Writing and English as a general.

English Writing is essay type exam whereas Science exams require diagrams, pictures, and explanations.

Preparing exam questions is one challenge, which our Question Bank Database and editing suite provide for a subjective type of questions and answers.

Similarly, Science questions are pictorial with graphics and tables.

Our Online Test Software provides comprehensive facilities for eleven plus examinations. All Exam Management is managed by the software.

Exam Management provides a comprehensive marking scheme that allows teachers to mark exams concurrently to speed up the process.

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 Plans of Online Test Plus  

 Online Test Software plans as per the demands of our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on  

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Please note setup fee is required for a one-off initial setup. Minimum cost applies.

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