Online Test Software

Online Test Software is a user-friendly, intelligent services to manage, market, and monetize registration and exam processes. We provide all the software tools, host and deliver the service to our clients. We create more revenue for you at costs that are lower than your current costs. We have developed our services in close collaboration with some of the leading educational institutions and businesses in India and internationally.

Online Test Product Features

  • Secure and password protected
  • Multiple language support
  • Creating and updating Organization
  • Managing Institution and Company by Admin

Online Test Software

Online Test Software is completely hosted and managed online solution for Exam creation and exam administration. Create multiple test categories for various subjects or courses, Create multiple tests under those categories or courses, create Objective as well as Subjective questions for each test, randomize sequence of questions and responses, format questions as well as responses as per your requirements, including images in questions as well as responses scoring per option, negative marking, etc. are available.

Online Test Features

  • Single, Multiple choice, Descriptive type Test and Assignment
  • Topic wise & subject wise Test and Assignment
  • Add pictures to the questions
  • Time based, Random questions, Instant results

Online Test Software

Online test Software provides easy, intuitive & an additive way to manage the question database. We provide you with a rich set of question types: Single choice, Multiple choices, True & False, Fill in the blanks, and Descriptive type. You can create your own pool of questions & categorize them according to their subject, topic, and question types. Assign the difficulty level to questions and you can also add explanations of your Descriptive question.

Online Test Question Features

  • Add images with Questions/Answers
  • Categorize & Import questions from .xlsx
  • Add Single, Multiple choice, descriptive questions Manually
  • Add Questions by different Difficulty Level

Online Test Software

Online test Software An Admin can add students and allot them their respective Sections. The Admin is much more like a Lead Management system, where you can manage your Leads, check status whether students are Active, Inactive & can store their detailed information. Students can be imported through excel into the system. While adding students into the system, e-mail notifications will be automatically sent to them, with their profile details including their email-ids and passwords.

Online Test Admin Features

  • Managing faculty/student/Candidate
  • Managing Institution, Company, sessional hierarchy
  • Managing Test, assignment, Performance analysis
  • Add new Head/Admin & Session/Departments

Online Test Software

Online test Software Exam reporting tool, students can get the analysis in all the aspect of their preparation. They can measure their average % marks in a test and find out their strong & weak areas. We offer students with different detailed analysis reports: Score Card, Total Marks and Percentage, Attempted Questions, Category Wise Analysis, Subcategory Wise Analysis, Topic Wise Analysis, Percentile, Positive marks, Negative Marks, Overall Test Report's Graph wise.

Online Test Reporting Features

  • Overall Result analysis of Test/Assignment
  • Performance graph by category, sub category, topic
  • Download detailed Test Result as pdf
  • Marks analysis by category, sub category, topic
Online test Software

What Makes us Special  !!

Multiple Candidate

OnlineTest is Designated for multiple candidates and each can be provided multiple test to perform their and then performance graph can also be generated.

Secure Test Operation

While student apearing for a test,it is secured as while giving test student can not go outside window.By default 10 seconds are given for there aspect.All key events are also well secured.

Candidate Management

Candidate are managed in a proper way and email is generated on registration and they can be mailed anytime needed and also they are managed in sections and class as well.

Performance Evaluation

A well facilited chart are generated for candidates so they can cross check where they are potential or where they are weak.Multiple graph are generated for every student and for every test and assignment.

Multiple Language Support

BIS covers almost all the countries of the world and all the major languages being used in those countries. our softwares have multi linguist support.

Automated & Manual Results

This is a very unique and efficient feature which gives us reliable & instant automated results for our single choice answer, multiple choice answer, fill in the blanks. user can allot marks manually for subjective type answers.